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Why Company Picnics and Team Builder Events are a MUST in a down economy. :: by Chica Boom Events &a

In this challenging new economy we live in, businesses are faced with employee pay cuts, decreases in benefits or company restructuring on a constant basis. It is now that it becomes more important than ever to build the moral of your staff.

The people that work for you, are the ones who are going to help your company overcome the tough times and come back on top! Now is the time you embrace your team and show them you care about them by planning a company picnic or employee appreciation event!

A Company Picnic or Staff Appreciation event is a very small investment with a huge return.

Raises are almost out of the picture in most organizations, now that budget cuts are eminent in most cases. To retain employees, boost moral and reduce turnaround we compare a $1 per hour raise across the boar vrs. hosting Corporate Moral Events or Staff Retreat Picnics.

As much as we would love to give our staff a $1 per hour increase, this represents over $3,000 a year spent on a single employee. (For an organization with 100 employees that is $300,000 per year). Something unattainable in this economic climate.

Hosting moral events and company picnics or staff retreats will cost a fraction of the price over raises in pay. Depending on the size of your team the cost of these very important events could only cost you between 5 to10 percent of the total cost of raises! A company picnic is something you cannot afford to pass on, if you want to keep your staff loyal and efficient.

Chica Boom Events and Yummy Chori can help you with everything you need to do for your Staff Retreat or Company Picnic. We will help you choose the right activities to boost moral, build a stronger, engaged and re energized team!

Some of the services we will help you with include:

*Choosing your Catering Menu with the Best Food, Price and Service for your team.

*Finding games, activities, music & entertainment appropriate and fun for all age groups.

*Ordering tents, tables, chairs, lighting when needed.

*Securing a perfect location

*Helping you plan and execute a successful Moral Boosting Event!

We have helped many compnaies celebrate and bond over a good fun BBQ, some include Citibank, Republic Services, Mapei, MDTurbines, Al Capone Cigars, US Army Golden Knights and more.

Are you next? Give us a call 954-790-2798 or

Here are some photos of the Parrillada Argentina we provided for Republic Services in Broward County, Fl in August 2014.

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