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Three things that will make any wedding a success.

There is so much to think about when planning a wedding, but regardless of the venue or the size of your wedding a no fail recipe is good drinks, good music and amazing food !


So many choices!!!! How do you decide? Do you want table service, a buffet, family style. A big trend is having an interactive experience , that creates conversations and will have your guests engaged and entertained! Would you like an oyster shucker for cocktail hour, a chef muddling ingredients together at a guacamole bar, how about different food stations or a Grill Master , preparing your dinner to perfection right in front of you… so much fun to watch!


You don’t have to go over board when preparing your bar, but you do need to make good choices. Bartending is a must if you are having an open bar, keep it simple, Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, Vermouth sodas and colas, tonic, and seltzer make for great mixers.

Beer & Wine is always fun, you might consider a beer bar . If you are planning to have a signature drink at your cocktail hour get creative and have fun! You can incorporate your color palette or choose a drink that represents your theme Always keep in mind signature cocktails and Champagne toasts need to be prepared and served so make sure your bartending staff is informed when they are hired to help you plan out logistics and quantities.


Music and a good D.J. will definitely set the mood of your wedding! Think about what type of atmosphere you want to create during your cocktail hour, during dinner, are you planning on dancing the night away. The goal is to have fun and music will get every one up on the dance floor and enjoying the party!

Choose foods you love to eat, make it memorable and enjoy your first meal as a married couple!


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