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World Choripan Day - March 15th !

What's a Choripan?

Argentine Chorizo Sandwich.

Who new this glorious food had its own day!

A well deserved day I should add. I was introduced to choripan when I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina and OMG! You’ll find choripan carts at nearly every festival, market or fútbol game. It was love at first taste and please forget the Chimmichurri! Choripan, the most amazing street food on this planet!

So how do you make a choripan?

You will need Argentine style pork chorizos , grilled to perfection, sliced open in half and put on a crusty baguette that is slightly toasted.

Choripan can also be served as an appetizer , which means you can have it for lunch or dinner!

Preheat the grill, put the chorizos on the grill , leave the chorizo whole while grilling them, (about 20 minutes turning occasionally). Traditionally they are split 3/4 though lengthwise in a butterfly cut after cooking . Lay flat on the grilled charred slightly on each side before serving. Place the chorizo on slightly toasted baguette or the type of crusty bread. Top with Chimmichurri sauce or Salsa Criolla.

Choripan can also be served as an appetizer.

Pair Choripan with a glass of Malbec, Merlot or an ice cold beer!



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